Engine Rebuilding in Concord, CA

Joe’s Engine Shop is here to meet your full-service auto machining and engine rebuilding needs! Backed by state-of-the-art facilities, decades of proven experience and a love of the combustion engine, we’re equipped to work on most vehicles in Concord, Bay Point, Clyde, Costa County, and Pacheco, CA, unlocking the power and potential of your engine’s performance. We offer machining and engine repair for all the following types of vehicles and engines:

  • High performance
  • Muscle cars
  • Performance marine engines
  • Race
  • Street/hot rods
  • Vintage vehicles (1930s forward)

Not only can we machine parts and components to meet your performance expectations, we also focus on tuning. With our SuperFlow Engine Dyno we’re able to tune engines for the best air-fuel ratio at the desired rpm cruise range, giving you the best possible fuel economy alongside performance.

Custom Engine Designs and Auto Machining

Looking for a turnkey engine for your hot rod or muscle car? We offer turnkey engine building and stock engine rebuilding in Concord, CA. We’ll strip down your stock engine and retrofit it with performance parts and systems, bringing it back to life bigger and better than ever!

Or, for a totally custom engine design, look to us for everything from boring and honing to grinding and more. Our shop is outfitted for complete auto machining and engine repair in Concord, CA:

  • Block boring & honing
  • Block prepping for stroker assemblies
  • Block sonic testing
  • Cleaning & glass beading
  • Complete cylinder head rebuilding
  • Crankshaft grinding
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Engine balancing
  • Flywheel grinding
  • Head & block surfacing
  • Magnafluxing
  • Main bore align honing
  • Manifold & header resurfacing
  • Press work
  • Pressure testing
  • Torque plate honing

Our Facilities

Here at Joe’s Engine Shop, we use extremely high-quality equipment, kept up to superior operating standards. We’re proud of our facilities and keep a standing invitation to anyone who wishes to visit our shop at any time. Some of the equipment and technologies we use include:

  • Sunnen Seat & Guide Center
  • Sunnen Head & Block Mill
  • CV 616 Sunnen Cylinder Hone
  • Sunnen Connecting Rod Center
  • Kwik Way Block Boring Fixture
  • Axe Cylinder Head Pressure Tester
  • Bridgeport Milling Machine
  • SF 7100 Superflow Dyno w/WinDyn 3.2 Data Acquisition System
  • WinDyn 3.2 Data Acquisition System Control Room
  • Harley Cylinder Honing
  • Hines Engine Balancer
  • Welding Station

Formulas and Conversions

  • Inches to Millimeters, Multiply By 25.4
  • Millimeters to Inches, Divide By 25.4
  • Cubic Inches to Liters, Divide By 61
  • Liters to Cubic Inches, Multiply By 61

Camshaft FAQs

Questions about your camshaft? We’ll be happy to answer them! Some of the most common questions we get are listed below.

Can a cam be “too big”?

Yes, depending on compression ratio, tire size and rear end gear ratio.

Do you have to change valve springs with high-performance camshafts?

In most cases, yes. Be careful, depending on the lift of the camshaft, that you have proper coil bind clearance and valve retainer to guide seal clearance.

Flat tappet camshaft failure

Recent changes in oil and engine technology are likely the cause of most premature camshaft failures. Besides proper camshaft set-up and break-in, it’s important to use a good camshaft break-in oil additive to replace the reduction of zinc and manganese in today’s oils. Competition Cams, CraneCams and ZDDPlus are some of the suppliers of such additives we use and sell.

Visit Our Shop

Whether you need a custom engine design built to-spec or are having camshaft issues and need answers, Joe’s Engine Shop is ready to assist. Contact us today at 925-682-4013 or stop in to tour our shop.