June 8, 2024

"Best machine shop around.Very knowledgeable staff. Great pricing and customer service."
December 15, 2023

"Took my Toyota 4Runner cylinder head to be machined at a another shop the initial Inspection was $230 they stated it would cost me $1,100 to machine it on top of the $230 I already owned them. For that price I could purchase a new one for $700 though it would be an after market replacement. Decided to go to Dan's engine shop in Concord on a recommendation and the machined the head for $550. Got me back on the road for less than half the price and got it done in 3 days. Super knowledgeable and friendly. You can't find honest people anymore, but in this shop you can! Thank you!"
June 16, 2023

"Had my M54 head resurfaced w/ a valve job. Honest and fast has been running great after install! I had a timing issue when I installed it and wondered if I bent a valve... I brought it back for a check and they didn't charge me! Hard to find a shop like this these days! Thanks again guys!"
November 9, 2022

"It's the place to go for great service and great work"
September 28, 2022

"Had 350 heads rebuilt they were completed in a few days . great service"
Joe's Engine Shop