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Dart Blocks Dart Cast Iron Blocks / Ductile or Steel Caps $2400.00 &UP
Valve Spring Shim Removal Tool A handy magnetic tool for anyone who does cylinder head work in aiding in removing valve spring shims from cylinder heads $19.95 +S&H
No image Scat s/b Chevy H- Beam 6 Inch Connecting Rod Set 6 Inch H-Beam Rod Set. 2\" Rod Journal.Balanced
$525.00 + S&H


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Looking for engine tech with some experience in internal engine work such as valve work.
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Tech Info

Can a cam be "too big"?

Yes, depending on compression ratio,tire size & rear end gear ratio.

Do you have to change valve springs with High performance camshafts?

In most cases yes.Be carefull depending on lift of camshaft that you have proper coil bind clearance & valve retainer to guide seal clearance.

Formulas & Conversions

Inches to Millimeters Multiply By 25.4
Millimeters to Inches Divide By 25.4
Cubic Inches To Liters Divide By 61
Liters To Cubic Inches Multiply By 61

Flat Tappet Camshaft Failure

Recent changes in oil and engine technology are likley the cause of most premature camshaft failures.Besides proper camshaft set-up & break-in it is important to use a good camshaft break-in oil additive to replace the reduction in todays oils of zinc & manganese.Competition Cams,Crane Cams & ZDDPlus are some of the suppliers of such additives that we use and sell.